My specialization is ultra-high speed, scalable, state-of-the-art projects
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  • Map - Czech Republic
    Frontend Concept, Backend software (programming / installation)
    CentOS, Gentoo, MySQL, ArcGIS Server Enterprise, Load-Balancing, Fail-Over, Nginx, Tomcat, Apache
    KVM, OpenVZ Virtualization, SOA / REST

  • Webhosting / Video Hosting
    Web since 1997 / Video since 2001
    Apache, Nginx, OpenVZ, Control Panel, Mail, DNS

  • Internet portal
    Site concept, Programming, SOA / REST, RTMP Live Streaming, HTTP Video Streaming, OpenVZ, Nginx, Framework, Fulltext search, Video Frontend, Content Delivery Concept

  • Imagehosting
    Programming, nginx, php

  • IS
    Programming, nginx, php, mysql

  • IS
    Programming, nginx, php, mysql

  • Video On Demand
    HD-Ready H264/AAC Video Web Integration/Distribution with bandwith-limiting/seek functionality

  • Digital Video Postproduction
    1997-2008 SD MPEG2/4
    2008-2012 HD H264
    Highend digital noise reduction, Color-grading, Cut, Deblocking, Compression, Live Streaming

  • Digital Picture
    Photography, Postproduction, Highend digital noise reduction, Color-Grading, Retouching

Webhosting Manual (Czech / PDF) | GIS Installation Manual (Czech / PDF)

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The Expanse The 100 The Orville Alice in Borderland Stranger Things The Peripheral Foundation Lost in Space

Inspirative : Leonardo da Vinci, Nikola Tesla, Howard Hughes, Werner von Braun, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, SpaceX