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remark 1 - WWII flying saucer

German engineer Rudolf Schriever gave an interview to German news magazine Der Spiegel in which he claimed that he had designed a craft powered by a circular plane of rotating turbine blades 49 ft (15 m) in diameter. He said that the project had been developed by him and his team at BMW's Prague works until April 1945
In 1953, when Avro Canada announced that it was developing the VZ-9-AV Avrocar, a circular jet aircraft with an estimated speed of 1,500 mph (2,400 km/h), German engineer Georg Klein claimed that such designs had been developed during the Third Reich.

remark 2 - underground bases

There are below sealevel entrances for submarines to underground facilities. The special Projects boats in the late 80's, early 90's (this is when I served so I am only accounting for these) used to access the bases by these entrances. I will not list any locations. I will, however tell of one weapons testing facility. During the testing of the tomahawks at Eglin AFB in the 70, many were launched from Okaloosa Island. As you cross over the bridge from fort Walton and turn right, you drove about a mile or so and ran into a gate. This was the military portion of the island. Unbelievably, there are underground launching sites on the island in this area. the sand dunes where some are at are on massive sliding structures which opened to launch test weapons into the gulf.

remark 3 - washington d.c.

While working for a congressman in Washington, DC, in 1982, I would travel the underground subway system connecting House offices to the U.S. Capitol. One day, with extra time, I got off with a small crowd I was not connected with and followed them through a door. Instead of following them, I stopped at an elevator, got in and pushed a down button. The door opened and I was seven levels below the Capitol. (The subways . there are two -operate seperatly at the second and third (or fourth) levels, if I remember right) I followed hallways with doors. Went down stairways, into caverns with no markings, except coded markings. I wandered around, perhaps more than 10 to 14 levels below the capitol. As I went deeper, the walls went from stone to just cave-like, carved out rock passages. Down there were stored artifacts of some nature . statuettes, for example. I was lost. I was stuck there for hours wandering until I found stairways leading up. None of them connected from one floor to the other. Kept walking. Eventually finding stone walls. Up I go until finding an elevator. Pushed the up button and found myself in a non-public area of the Capitol. But I had my clearance tag. And when asked by security, just told them I was lost. They escorted me into one of the main hallways. I know I made it 10-14 levels below the Capitol (passages slope up and down). I wandered underground for four hours, unseen, as far as I know. In the stone halls they use torches for lighting. They are spaced about 20 feet apart on alternating sides of the tunnels.

remark 5 - NSA

But by 2006, an N.S.A. document notes, the agency had broken into communications for three foreign airlines, one travel reservation system, one foreign government.s nuclear department and another.s Internet service by cracking the virtual private networks that protected them.

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