Webhosting Manual (Czech / PDF)
Installation Manual (Czech / PDF)
Canon HFS100 (Czech / PDF)


OpenVZ Kernel Configuration 2.6.18
2618-openvz.tar.gz (Minimalistic please enable what you need)

Fulltext search engine (written in C++)
ASPSeek 1.2.15 (source code)
ASPSeek 1.2.15 (RedHat 5.5 RPM / Main)
ASPSeek 1.2.15 (RedHat 5.5 RPM / CGI)
ASPSeek 1.2.15 (RedHat 5.5 RPM / Client)
ASPSeek 1.2.15 (RedHat 5.5 RPM / MySQL Lib)
ASPSeek 1.2.15 (RPM Howto / TXT)
ASPSeek 1.2.15 (Manual / PDF)

OpenVZ Virtual Machines
Linux (Gentoo / Nginx / PHP / MariaDB-Spatial)

Tombraider Underworld
Enable / Depth of Field / Faster (Registry File)

Creative Labs
Crossover for Audigy2 DSP (all frequencies under 120Hz are mixed to subwoofer)

NeatImage Denoising

Canon EOS 600D/Rebel T3i Profiles

NeatVideo Denoising

GoPro Hero 4 Black Profiles
Canon EOS 600D/Rebel T3i Profiles
Canon HFS100 Profile

Color grading

Canon EOS Tyrkys / Green, Film Gamma profile, Vivid Colors (PF2)

Jiake JK11 ROM

Stock ROM 4.2.2, GPS Fixed, Custom Boot Loader, Google Play, Rooted, Storage Resized 2.46GB/258MB

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